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How to add Bitpaid Token to Trust Wallet?

Download TRUST Wallet for IOS or Android.

How to Buy Bitpaid Token(BTP)?

From the TRUST Wallet, goto DAPP and type Bitpaid.org. Click Buy BTP. Ensure that you have sufficient ETH (Ethereum) in your TRUST Wallet. You can enter the Ether or USD amount to buy Bitpaid Token. You will see BTP is in your TRUST Wallet after the network confirmations have completed.

How to Deposit Bitpaid Token from TRUST Wallet to Trading Wallet?

From the TRUST Wallet, goto DAPP and type Hypenext.io. Login to your Hypenext account. Select WALLET -> DEPOSIT -> TRADING WALLET. Enter amount of Bitpaid Token to deposit and click Deposit BTP. Click Show BTP Deposit History to check on the transaction.